Welcome to Lovely Lettings. We are a small and independent lettings company with a big heart.
We never take on any property from a Landlord that we don’t love ourselves andwe don’t just rent out empty flats and houses – we rent out homes to be loved by our tenants.
We take huge pride in matchmaking the right people with the right property so together they can make a home.
Having had years of poor service from several larger agencies I had the good fortune to come across Lovely Lettings and they have forever changed my views about property managers! They are a breath of fresh air and nothing is too much trouble. Thank you! David E, Edinburgh New Town Landlord
I had been managing my old flat for about 8 years since I moved out and it was beginning to take up too much time as my work load and kids became more demanding. Lovely Lettings was the perfect match for me as they’re small enough to care about my old flat and I don’t feel like a tiny part of a large business.  Stuart Mc, Edinburgh New Town Landlord